The Dutch Testing day 2016

In collaboration with EuroSTIA “European Software Testing Innovation Alliance”

When:            November 18, 2016, from 10h - 16h

Where:           Science Park, Amsterdam

Contact:         This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

We start at 10h with a key note of Prof. Dr. Tanja Vos about her research and bridges between Research and Industry

In the context of EUROSTIA companies like NS, PWC, and ProfTest present their test challenges.

Researchers like Jan Tretmans, Pieter Koopman and Marielle Stoelinga, will present their research, to invite you to participate or benefit.

Around 11h30 and 13h15 we organize Speed dates, where academia and industry can explore opportunities for collaboration and a tool market. There we will present interesting tools now being developed in academia, as well as tooling that is readily available on the market.

At 12h15 and 13h45 four parallel tracks will start:

  • Test automation: Testautomatisering
  • Research and challenges: the full story
  • Test techniques
  • Learning from how others do it

A sneak preview:

  • Victor Clerc, Xebia, how to setup an automated process at Wehkamp and Zorgdomein.
  • Johan van den Berg, ASML, how to select the right test sets.
  • André Verschelling, Alten, the competences of a good tester
  • Dr. Jan van Eijck, UvA, how to educate software engineers in testing.
  • Kim Doyle, PWC, how to test for data reliability
  • Fred Stengewis, KPN, how to set up your quality process with your suppliers
  • Wietze Veld, Exact, how to deploy daily with 30+ scrum teams?

At 14h45 we organize round table discussions where industry and academia will share views about the tester in 2025. How will we test in the future? Will there still be test specialists, and what are their competences? How to educate software engineers?

We close with the presentation of the winner of the Testing Thesis Award and a smashing key note of  Machiel van der Bijl from Axini. Then it is time for drinks and networking.

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What is The Dutch Testing Day (De Nederlandse Testdag)?

The Dutch Testing Day ('De Nederlandse Testdag') is an event where software test experts from industry and academics meet and learn from each others knowledge in the field of Software Testing.

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